Breaking the cycles that hold us back.

We all have many goals in our lives that we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are going to accomplish; we just never get around to accomplishing them. Conversely, we all have habits that we keep telling ourselves that we are not going to do anymore, but we find ourselves doing them over and over again.

Breaking the cycles that hold us back

We all have goals in our lives that we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are going to accomplish; we just never get around to accomplishing them. We fall into the same patterns of negative thinking, get out of a bad relationship just to get into the same dynamics in our next relationship, and hold ourselves back from getting what we want in life, even though we promised ourselves that we will do things differently this time.
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sera Lavelle, Ph.D and esteemed Psychotherapist Dr. Noah Kass, LCSW specialize in treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and a variety of habits and addictions using hypnosis and integrative therapy. Their method incorporates extensive psychological training and study in Eastern psychology to develop a deep and complex understanding of what holds people back from change, while using hypnosis as a powerful tool to bypass blocks so they can build happier and more satisfying lives.


"You Are Feeling Very Skinny"
Please see the January 2010 issue of Allure Magazine for an in-depth review of Dr. Sera Lavelle’s work with weight loss.


Please see the NY Times article on hypnosis in the medical field. NY Times interviews NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy on weight loss, hypnotizability, and the use of hypnosis in real life versus the media portrayal.


Please see the January 2009 issue of ELLE Magazine for an exclusive interview with Dr. Sera Lavelle, PhD, New York City's expert in using hypnosis for weight loss. Article focuses on the journalist's experience working with Sera to reach her diet and fitness goals.

A different approach

NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy utilizes Ericksonian hypnosis which is considered the art of using meditative techniques and language to help a person move forward. Instead of “direct suggestion”, which most of us resist, this method helps you get in touch with that part of you that wants to change and quiets any thoughts that get in the way of making that change.
Every person has the ability to change their lives in a meaningful way. Most people, however, just need a little bit of help finding effective ways to bring about those changes. Through this method, you will uncover the unconscious reasons you fail to reach your goals and develop effective strategies for bringing about those changes. We encourage you to browse our website to find information on hypnosis and integrative therapy to see if these methods are right for you.