Integrating modern hypnosis, clinical psychology, and eastern philosophy to foster meaningful change.

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Dr. Sera Lavelle, Ph.D

Dr. Lavelle is an expert in using hypnosis and integrative therapy for weight loss, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. She has been written about in Elle Magazine and Allure and helped hundreds of people overcome their difficulties. The difference in Dr. Lavelle’s approach is that she fully understands the psychological reasons that people struggle in their daily lives so that she can use hypnosis as an effective tool for change.

Dr. Lavelle is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York, integrating her formal education in Clinical Psychology, extensive training in hypnosis from nationally renowned hypnosis training programs, and her complex understanding of Eastern Psychology through her ongoing readings and workshops. Read more

Dr. Noah Kass, DSW, LCSW

Dr. Kass is a leader in the field of hypnosis, with specialties in habits, addictions, confidence, motivation, anxiety and depression. He helps clients re-examine patterns in their lives that hold them back, while assisting them in managing their emotions and exploring their practiced resistances. He has developed a specialized treatments for anxiety and depression, which combines hypnosis with his extensive training from the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies and the Albert Ellis Institute in CBT and Rational-Emotive Therapy.

Dr. Kass is an esteemed Psychotherapist who is licensed in the state of New York. He received his dual Masters Degrees in Arts in Education Social Work from New York University and his Doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice. Read more

Dr. Samantha Gaies, Ph.D

Dr. Gaies has developed a specialized approach that combines advanced hypnosis techniques, mindfulness, interpersonal theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Her specialities include chronic pain, insomnia, binge eating, trauma, anxiety and depression. She works with clients by helping them understand the underlying reasons for their struggles while using hypnosis as a powerful tool to propel people forward.

Dr. Gaies is a Licensed Psychologist in New York. She has done Master’s level coursework at NYU and obtained an MA and Ph.D in Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Her clinical practice integrates her extensive education from Northwestern University, NYU, and UT, her formal internship and postdoctoral training from the VA Medical System, and her personal interest and professional training in both hypnosis and mindfulness meditation. Read more