Weight Loss, Binge Eating & Bulimia

It is not just about losing weight.
It is ending the struggle with food.

Dr. Sera Lavelle, Ph.D, CHt is New York's expert in using hypnosis and integrative therapy to help people overcome their battles with food, specializing in binge eating and bulimia. The goal is not just to end the addiction, but also to stop viewing food in terms of good and bad so that a person gets out of the cycle of overindulging and self-blame. She has been written about in Elle Magazine and Allure and helped hundreds of people end their struggle with food.

The difference in Dr. Lavelle’s approach is that she fully understands the psychological reasons that people struggle with eating. She holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and has specialized training working with dysfunctional eating. Dr. Lavelle’s approach utilizes advanced hypnosis techniques to help a person crave balance and gain more willpower, while using a combination of CBT, mindfulness, and analytic therapy techniques to help resolve the internal conflicts.


"You Are Feeling Very Skinny"
Please see the January 2010 issue of Allure Magazine for an in-depth review of Dr. Sera Lavelle’s work with weight loss.


Please see the January 2009 issue of ELLE Magazine for an exclusive interview with Dr. Sera Lavelle, PhD, New York City's expert in using hypnosis for weight loss. Article focuses on the journalist's experience working with Sera to reach her diet and fitness goals.

Most people struggle with food not because they don’t know what to eat, but because they alternate between being too restrictive, and then overindulging in a way that leaves them feeling badly both physically and emotionally. For some, this overindulgence is self-punishment, while for others, this overindulgence is an attempt at self-soothing that ultimately leaves them feeling worse. Either way, the person is left feeling less happy because of the overindulgence, which often perpetuates the cycle.

"Struggling with weight is one of the most difficult challenges people have to face today. It is not the weight or the food itself, but the constant psychological battle between feeling like you need to starve yourself to look good, and overindulging when you feel like you just can't take it anymore. I enjoy helping people work with their issues with food and weight more than anything else because I see this change as a catalyst for so many other things in my clients' lives. Once they see that they can overcome a battle they have been struggling with for years, they start to regain control over their lives. I see my clients experience a new confidence in themselves that they have never experienced before."


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